6th August 2023 – Jesus and the Caananite woman

6th August 2023 – Jesus and the Caananite woman

                              THE CANAAN WOMAN

The Canaanites were various groups of people who descended from Noah and lived in the land of Canaan.

Today, the places are now known as Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

Historically, the Canaanites were enemies of the Jews. If you look back to Deuteronomy 7 1-2 of the promise of God is to bring His children into the promise land.  The land the children of Israel were fighting wars to inhabit, this land flowing with milk and honey, was the land of Canaan. The Canaanites were enemies of the Jews.  She was also only a woman, which in those days meant that she had no standing, if she had no man to stand up for her, she would have to speak for herself which would be very different for her.  She would have also had different religious believes then the Jews. So She was very brave to approach Jesus.

The faith of the Canaanite woman was aroused by her need. She desperately needed her daughter to be healed.  She must have thought the Jesus was the last hope, but did have faith enough to believe, that Her would heal her daughter

The woman from Canaan was outstanding because of the way she approaches Jesus. She was humble, Persistent, Trusting and bold. She also worshipped Jesus as she approached Him.

Mathew 15 v 22

LORD, SON OF DAVID HAVE MERCY ON ME!  She acknowledged his higher Power.


When Jesus didn’t reply, she didn’t give up.  She was persistent, even trying harder to get Jesus’s attention.

Even though the disciples were urging Jesus to send her away, because she kept crying out, but Jesus was not moved, and said to disciples “was I sent only to the lost sheep of Israel”

Sadly, the disciples were untouched by the burden of this woman.

Or maybe they felt that she was unworthy to be helped as she wasn’t a Jew. But God is never untouched by our situations. He knows and cares about all aspects of our lives, He listens to all our prayers, even if we think that he isn’t listening.  Love for her daughter poured out of her heart. But the disciples could not appreciate this. They did not seem to acknowledge her anguish.

Are we sometimes untouched by people’s burdens

Do we sometimes fail to understand just what someone is going through. It can be very hard if we haven’t had any experience of the situation, they are in ourselves.  It doesn’t matter if we don’t understand as long as we still love them, pray for them, and support them. We must never give up on anyone. The Canaanite woman just wouldn’t stop following Jesus around. Her love for her daughter drove her to carry on until she was spoken to.

Let’s let our Love for each other do the same.

As the Canaanite woman wouldn’t stop asking for her daughter to be released from her bondage. Let us be persistent in our prayers

The woman when she at last reached Jesus she humbly knelt before Him and asked again “Lord help me.” Jesus responded by trying to discourage the Canaanite woman. He then said a very confusing thing in response.

Jesus calls her a dog.


Boy, am I glad to be home. I ran all the way back from Jesus just to make sure that my daughter really had been healed. I praise God that she had, what a wonderful day. What a wonderful man

I must say I was very scared when I approached Jesus. I had heard about Him, and just knew that if anyone could heal her, He could, and He did.  But it was a little bit tricky at first through as I called out to Him and He didn’t answer me.  So, I kept following Him and calling out to Him begging Him. I love my daughter and couldn’t give up on any chance that she could be healed.  But his disciples were getting fed up with me and told Jesus to send me away.  Thankfully He wouldn’t so I kept on following and asking Him, Until He let me approach Him.  I knelt before Him asking for His help. Do you know what He said I couldn’t believe it He called me a dog.  I know that the Jews use this as an insult to the Gentiles, they would be revering to stray unkept dog who are wild.  But Jesus wasn’t revering to this type of dog he was talking about a domestic dog who would live in the house. Well, I was a bit taken aback I can tell you. But I wouldn’t give up, so when He said is it right to take the children’s food and give it to the dogs, well I swallowed my pride and I replied even the dogs can eat the crumbs that fall under the table. He then said an amazing thing, He said you have great faith your request is granted.

That’s why I ran all the way back. I knew she was healed but I wanted to see it for myself.          He truly is a wonderful God. A God who can do anything


Jesus had expressed distress at the disciple’s lack of faith. He used the Canaanite women’s persistence faith as a lesson for them.  Jesus often used situations like this to teach the disciples.

Prayer is not a onetime test of God’s love, but an ongoing communication with Him

God pays attention to prayers that don’t stop coming. When the disciples tried to get Jesus to send her away, He wouldn’t, and she did not stop asking.

When it seemed like Jesus was trying to insult her, she moved in even closer and knelt before him.

And Jesus honoured her persistent prayer of faith!

Is there something you’re tired of praying about? I cannot promise that your breakthrough is near.

But I know that if you keep praying, God will answer when the time is right. not always in the way you think He would.  Just keep praying, keep coming to God, lifting the problem before Him. If you find this to hard just say thank you Lord for loving me, and for always being there for me. Or even just “Lord, I love you and I Lift this situation before you. Thank you.”


God will meet you where you are in your faith and then helps you grow


We should Praise God Joyfully even if it’s difficult. As he is our creator, our shepherd, a loving father, and a friend. We give thanks because He is good, loving, and forever faithful.  We can find joy in knowing him personally, as he knows us personally.

God is eternal, He created this world and everything in it.  Including us. In fact He gave His only son Jesus to die on the cross as a living sacrifice for us.

If God can do this great thing, then God can do anything

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