16th July 2023 – The Feeding of the 5,000

16th July 2023 – The Feeding of the 5,000

When the impossible becomes possible


This morning we are looking at a passage from Mathew 14 vs 13-21 which Rose has just read for us.

Jesu had been travelling along the North side of the Sea of Galilee ministering and healing all those who came to Him, near where He gave the sermon on the mount.   I have been very fortunate to have been to these places.  Looking North from Capernaum you can see the mount, a church has been built at the top, which is clearly visible from Capernaum.  Jesus spent a lot of time ministering in this area.  When He was told that His 2nd cousin John, the man who baptised Him and recognised Him a long way off, A forerunner of Jesus, had been beheaded.  Jesus was understandably very upset.  He got on a boat and travelled away from all the people, heading for the Eastern side of the lake to be alone with His grief.  But as the Sea of Galilee is very small the people saw where he was going, and ran round the banks to catch up with Him.

Jesus had compassion for them, and even though He was grieving healed those who were sick, some had travelled long distances from the surrounding towns.

How would we feel just having lost somebody very close to us, who had suffered a terrible death?  Would we be able to carry on as normal?  I wouldn’t, I would want to be alone for a while to take in what had happened.  I’m human but so was Jesus as well as being God.

But our Jesus is somebody special.  As we read a large crowd had gathered and Jesus would not walk away from them.  The day progressed many people were healed, and Jesus spoke to them.  The Disciples realising that it was getting late, thinking of themselves as well as the people asked Jesus to send the people away, to buy food in neighbouring towns.

What Jesus said and did next is the impossible.  He told them to feed the people totalling about 5,000 men plus women and children, so that there must have been at least 10,000 probably 15,000 plus   Can you just imagine their faces, feed all those people, with what?  No money, there was only 5 loaves and 2 fishes available.  The food is not going to go very far.  But this was Jesus, the Disciples had witnessed so many miracles recently, why did they doubt?

Jesus told the people to sit down on the grass in large groups of about 50.  Can you imagine how they felt, what is Jesus going to do next?

He asked that the available food be brought to Him, 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  Looked up to Heaven, gave thanks and broke the loaves, and asked the Disciples to distribute it, there was plenty for all.  There was even some left, 12 basket falls.  The fish must have been miraculously cooked,  otherwise, as we all know raw fish contains many deceases, the Sea of Galilea is not very clean.  Where did it all come from?

Well, the impossible became possible, Jesus had performed another miracle.

Does Jesus still feed us?  We have just celebrated Communion, where we partake of the Lord’s supper.  Jesus commanded us to break bread with Him.  This again is so special, a special gift He has given us.  Remember the Communion readings.

What else can Jesus do today for us.  Firstly we have to ask Him.  Secondly we have to believe that He is going to do something.  That is where the blockage comes.  Are we prepared to ask Jesus ourselves to work a Miracle in our lives.  Or leave somebody else to do it for us expecting things to happen.  I believe it does not work like that.  Many times Jesus said to those He healed,  “Your faith has made you whole”, so how do we respond?

In the past I have prayed for people and they have been healed.  Or have been blessed with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, or they have come to the saving Grace of Jesus as their Lord.

I have seen and experienced many miracles.

My Grand daughter was born with a terrible cancer called Neuro Blastomere.  She died several times.  The cancer filled her whole upper body leaving very little room for her main organs.  I saw all this on the Xray.  The surgeon after operating on her came to us and said,  there has been a miracle, your granddaughter has very little cancer left in her body and he had removed it.  We were told if she recovered she would be blind, unable to walk or have children, and also be deaf.  She has none of these.  She is a perfectly healthy 36 year old with 3 lovely children.  Praise the Lord!

I have been healed of stage 4 bowel cancer.. I believe it was, 1) God had a purpose for me, and 2) I believed and didn’t give up.  Praise the Lord.

So here’s the challenge, what does God have in store for you.  Are things difficult?  Are you ill,  are you having difficulty with your faith?  Do you want to know Jesus better.

Be brave, come forward and we will pray with you.  Do it today.  God has something very special for all of us.

Normally when I ask if anybody would like prayer,  Nobody responds.  Does that mean that we all have perfect lives, and don’t need the touch of the Lord Jesus?

Come forward please.

We are now going to sing our last hymn,  “I am the bread of life”

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