03/01/2021 New beginnings Sermon text Helen Harrigan
10/01/2021 Aspects of Samuel Sermon text Mike Kemp
17/01/2021 David's Reign Sermon text Helen Harrigan
24/01/2021 Nathan the prophet Sermon text Rene Baker
31/01/2021 King Solomon Sermon text Rose Kemp
07/02/2021 Elijah Sermon text Mike Trett
14/02/2021 The prophet Elisha Sermon text Mike Kemp
21/02/2021 Temptation Sermon text Pamela Davies
28/02/2021 Peter's confession Sermon text Rene Baker
07/03/2021 John Sermon text Rose Kemp
14/03/2021 What do you want me to do for you? Sermon text John Kennett
21/03/2021 A challenging conversation Sermon text Helen Harrigan
28/03/2021 Letters from Jerusalem Sermon text Rene Baker
04/04/2021 Easter Sunday - What is your hope? Sermon text Helen Harrigan
11/04/2021 Shoes of peace Sermon text John Kennett
18/04/2021 The call of Jesus Sermon text Helen Harrigan
25/04/2021 Fisherman to Jerusalem man Sermon text Rene Baker
02/05/2021 The Good Shepherd Sermon text Helen Harrigan
09/05/2021 Peter's Diary Sermon text Rose Kemp
16/05/2021 No download available - Baptist Assembly
23/05/2021 Pentecost Sermon text Mike Kemp
30/05/2021 1 Chronicles Sermon text Helen Harrigan
06/06/2021 2 Chronicles Sermon text Rene Baker
13/06/2021 Esther Sermon text Michelle Park
20/06/2021 Ezra Sermon text Helen Harrigan
27/06/2021 Nehemiah - see text doc for youtube links Sermon text Helen Harrigan
04/07/2021 God and Money Matt 6 19-24 Sermon text Helen Harrigan
11/07/2021 Seek his kingdom Matt 6 25-34 Sermon text inc youtube links Helen Harrigan
18/07/2021 Bread of Life Matt 7 7-12 Sermon text Rose Kemp
25/07/2021 Judging others Matt 7 1-6 Not available Mike Trett
01/08/2021 Judgement Matt 7 13-23 Sermon text inc youtube links Helen Harrigan
08/08/2021 Between the altar and the door Matt 7 24-29 Sermon text inc youtube links Helen Harrigan
15/08/2021 Healings of Jesus Matt 8 1-17 Not available Mike Kemp
22/08/2021 Recording failed Sermon text - Birth Rene Baker
29/08/2021 Growing (Back to School service) Sermon text Helen Harrigan
05/09/2021 Wisdom and learning Sermon text Helen Harrigan
12/09/2021 Baptism Not yet available Rose Kemp