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25/12/2016 No Download
18/12/2016 Giving John Perry
11/12/2016 Watch out for the warning signs Gilson Gwendu
04/12/2016 No Download
27/11/2016 Building Trust Gilswon Gwendu
20/11/2016 Ways of Showing Gods Gratitude Gilson Gwendu
13/11/2016 The right way Gilson Gwendu
06/11/2016 No Download
30/10/2016 Where is the calling Doug Crisp
23/10/2016 look-of-love Gilson Gwendu
04/09/2016 The Timeline of Salvation Mike Baker
28/08/2016 No Download Family Service
21/08/2016 Psalm 75 Doug Crisp
14/08/2016 closing the gap Gilson Gwendu
07/08/2016 Defeat the opposition Gilson Gwendu
31/07/2016 Same Faith Different Position John Perry
24/07/2016 Keep going never give up Gilson Gwendu
17/07/2016 Breaking News Gilson Gwendu
10/07/2016 Chain of Command John Perry
03/07/2016 Markarios Gilson Gwendu
26/06/2016 Road Runner Gilson Gwendu
19/06/2016 FRAUD John Perry
12/06/2016 No Download
05/06/2016 You need this letter Gilson Gwendu
29/05/2016 Thorn in the Flesh Doug Crisp
22/05/2016 Role Model Gilson Gwendu
15/05/2016 a new beginning Gilson Gwendu
08/05/2016 Prepare For The Power Gilson Gwendu
01/05/2016 testimonal Church
24/04/2016 the right tool for the job Gilson Gwendu
17/04/2016 who do you fear Gilson Gwendu
10/04/2016 Conquer the crossroads Gilson Gwendu
03/04/2016 No Download service by Church Members
27/03/2016 Faith And Action Gilson Gwendu
20/03/2016 God cares Gilson Gwendu
13/03/2016 willing Gilson Gwendu
06/03/2016 RUTH - MOTHERS DAY Gilson Gwendu
28/02/2016 Keep looking up Gilson Gwendu
21/02/2016 Jeremiah's scroll Rene Baker
14/02/2016 Jeremiah buys a field Gilson Gwendu
07/02/2016 No Download service by Church Members
31/01/2016 Return to Sender Gilson Gwendu
24/01/2016 No shipwreck can thwart Gods plan Gilson Gwendu
17/01/2016 Time to speak the Truth Gilson Gwendu
10/01/2016 Fresh Starts Nick Lear
03/01/2016 Come back to God Gilson Gwendu