Coronavirus update 11th February 2021 Laindon Baptist Church

At the current time there is a growing spread of coronavirus in the UK.  While we see no reason to panic unduly, we should take precautions to safeguard vulnerable people in the community.  We would urge that the following procedures should be followed (this information may be updated in future weeks):

·         NHS advice urges that the greatest protection against coronavirus is good hand hygiene; please wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds particularly when you arrive at home/work, after coughing or sneezing, and before preparing food.

·         If coughing or sneezing, please cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or do so into the crook of your elbow (not into your hands); put used tissues in the bin and wash your hands as soon as possible. 

·         We recommend that we restrict physical contact until the outbreak has passed.  In particular, those who greet on entry and exit from church will be asked not to shake hands or offer hugs.  Be creative!


·               Please follow government advice regarding self-isolation when returning from high risk areas, or experiencing any symptoms (new and persistent cough for 4 hours and temperature of 37.8oC or above are early/mild symptoms and self isolation is recommended for 7 days in the first instance).  Sermons will be available online or in document form on request.

·         We urge anyone who is self-isolating to let us know, so that we can find ways of offering appropriate pastoral care at this time.  Telephone contact will be maintained.

·          If you are aware of those in difficulties from isolation please ask if we can help.

As a church we endeavour to respond to this outbreak in a Christlike way.  Bear in mind that taking sensible precautions is not principally an act of self-protection, but primarily an action designed to protect others who are at risk in our congregation and our community.  And we continue to be open-hearted and attentive to the lonely, the vulnerable and the anxious, both within the church and beyond.  Above all, we will face the future (which is always uncertain) with courage and faith in God.

Clean hands, open hearts!

 Helen Harrigan

Minister, Laindon Baptist Church; tel. 07716 556528